About Grapevine Elementary...

Welcome to Grapevine Elementary School, proud home of the Stars! The school opened its doors in the 1994-95 school year under the leadership of Mrs. Julia Lyda. Mrs. Lyda brought together this wonderful community to establish a school that is consistently focused upon the students and their growth and development into successful leaders and citizens of the future. Grapevine Elementary has established a reputation for excellence and a wealth of longstanding traditions that are an integral part of the fabric of this campus.

We believe that students are extremely capable of being successful through both their academic and their behavioral performance. The school places a singular focus upon individual responsibility and personal ownership of choices. There are a wide variety of learning opportunities that occur in classrooms, on the playground, in the hallways, in the cafeteria and throughout the school and community. We attempt to establish an environment in which students are free to take risks and are encouraged to learn from their mistakes. We provide a number of ways for students to become involved and take leadership roles on campus. We enjoy celebrating throughout the year and do so through programs, parades, assemblies, and a variety of other activities.

The thing that we believe distinguishes us and sets us apart as a campus are the people who make up Grapevine Elementary – the students, staff, parents, and community are consistently committed to doing their best and to making the most of any situation. As we continue to work together to polish our young stars, we can be confident that their lights will shine brightly to influence and to impact others for years to come!