Arrival and Dismissal Procedures
Arrival and Dismissal ProceduresARRIVAL & DISMISSAL PROCEDURES
Morning Arrival:

Students are expected to be dropped off at the school no earlier than 7:15 unless enrolled in KidzU's before school care

Parents may use the front OR the back driveway to drop students in the morning. Parking is NOT available in the front driveway of the school until after 7:45am. Please park in the back parking lot and walk your student in through the back doors.

Student drop off is not permitted in the parking lot at any time

GES staff will supervise students in the gym (3-5) and cafeteria (K-2) from 7:15am until the first bell rings at 7:35am-when they are dismissed to their classrooms

All GES students will walk independently down the instructional hallways to their classrooms after the first three days of school.

Students must be in their seats in their classrooms at 7:40am or they will be counted as tardy

Afternoon Dismissal:

All students will be escorted to their dismissal locations by a staff member. Please do not arrange to meet your child in the foyer, work room or library after school.
Students have designated pick up areas depending on their mode of transportation home. KidzU and daycare bus riders will be escorted to the cafeteria. Car riders and walkers have set locations outside the building that their teachers will escort them to, as well.
Walkers will meet their siblings, neighbors and/or walking parents and quickly proceed to the crosswalk nearest their homes. Walker Station areas should be cleared out within minutes of dismissal
K-2 students walking to the northern crosswalk (Hall Johnson & Hazy Meadow) will be dismissed from the picnic table area only
K-2 students walking to the southern crosswalk (Hall Johnson & Hughes) will only be dismissed from the area near the front entrance to the school only
Pre-K students walking home will be dismissed from the front entrance only.
Student pick up is not permitted in the parking lot at any time. Parents are asked to meet their students and escort them across the back cross walk.
Friendly reminders: dogs are not allowed on campus grounds due to student allergies; the small playground is reserved for KidzU until 6:30pm Monday through Friday.
Thanks for your cooperation as we ensure the safety of all of our students!