KGES: How it works

Fifth graders at GES have the opportunity to participate in KGES, the Grapevine Elementary morning news show.  Each morning we broadcast a show to give GES the happenings for the day.  Our crews typically have about 4-5 kids who do the following jobs:

  • Anchors:  These students share the day's announcements 

  • Chef: This student announces lunch for the day, as well as important nutritional facts

  • Meteorologist: This student tells GES what the weather looks like for the upcoming days as well as information about weather related events

  • Birthday Brigade: A birthday announcer who proclaims the birthday/ birthdays of the day

  • GCISD Reads: A student who announces the names of the kids or teachers who have completed the GCISD Reads challenge   

If your child thinks they might want to join KGES, the signup is sent with the clubs form at the beginning of the school year.  We hope to see you on KGES!