Kind People are My Kinda People 
Kindness & Compassion Club

The KC Club, which stands for Kindness and Compassion, is a part of our Rachel's Challenge initiative from across the district. This club is one of the key elements in promoting a successful chain reaction of kindness. After careful application and a lottery selection of well-qualified Kinder through 5th grade Stars, Grapevine Elementary's KC Club is ready to make our mark!

One purpose of the Kindness & Compassion Club is to form a student leadership and peer mediation council that can help students who are struggling either as a new student, a special needs student, or an isolated student. The club is also a vehicle we use to do service projects within the school, the district, and throughout the community.

Some of the projects KC Club has hosted, coordinated, or participated in through GES are:
  • GRACE Food Drive 
  • GRACE Christmas Cottage Toy Drive
  • Red Ribbon Week coordination
  • Rachel's Challenge Kindness Links
  • KGES Special Announcements

When leaders throughout the school are selected to be a part of the KC Club, the members are catalysts to set the example for acts of kindness and compassion throughout our school.

    Angela Horn
    Counselor, MSSC
    Twitter: @GESAHorn